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Sleek.Pictures high quality sailing and yacht photography shot around the south coast of England. From Poole in the West across to the Solent and Portsmouth in the East of our area.

Use keywords, such as name of vessel, class, sail-number, racing number, sailing club initials, or area.

Sadly, where these cannot be clearly identified from photographs, they cannot be added to the stock library’s searchable tags. Please do use the comments if you think or identify that an error in the tagging has been made.

How to use the stock library? Click on an image below and then click the right-hand carousel to browse through the library. To go back, use the left-hand carousel arrow. Each image has options for sharing, commenting and download pricing.

An explanation about digital downloads and printing: Prints ordered from here are processed in my own lab and each print gains maximum quality and colour reproduction because of the output from my raw file. I use much higher quality paper than any online lab (that I have ever used) and the whole process is colour matched, from the camera profile through to ink and paper. The same level of attention to detail and satisfaction cannot be matched by sending a .jpg file to a commercial or online lab.

Please do contact me if your requirement isn’t listed as a purchase option and we can discuss how best to proceed. Contact me using this link.

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